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Fields of activitiesGMO free territories in Latvia
GMO free territories in Latvia

According to the Law on Circulation of Genetically Modified Organisms a local government may determine a prohibition by issuing binding rules for the cultivation of genetically modified crops in the relevant administrative territory or in a particular territory thereof upon its own initiative or on the basis of a proposal of a person. The prohibition shall be determined for a period of time which is not less than five years. Prior to taking of the binding rules the local government shall inform the public and publish a notification regarding the intention to determine such prohibition in the newspaper issued by the local government, but, if there is no such newspaper – in other local newspaper as well as the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Environment indicating the territory where the determination of the prohibition for cultivation of genetically modified crops is intended, as well as the place and term for the submission of public opinions, proposals and objections. The term for the submission of proposals and objections may not be less than 30 days from the day of publication of the notification.

More information on notifications published and binding rules on prohibition for the cultivation of genetically modified crops issued by local governments available on the map

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GMO free territories in Latvia
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