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Funds and InvestmentsThe European Economic Area and the Norwegian Financial MechanismsEuropean Economic Area Financial Mechanism programme “National Climate Policy"
Programme Implementation

In accordance with the Regulation on the implementation of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 and the Memorandum of Understanding agreed between the Donor State(s) on the one hand, and the Beneficiary State on the other, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development is approved as a Programme Operator and is responsible for implementation of the programme.

The objective of the Programme is to support Latvia in developing a comprehensive national climate policy covering the non-ETS sector as regards emissions, and all sectors as regards adaptation.

The programme is focused to the development of comprehensive national climate change policy and the implantation of measures targeted to deliver the savings of greenhouse gas emission. This includes:

  • improved greenhouse gas emission inventory system;
  • strengthened institutional capacity in relation to the Latvian greenhouse gas emission inventory;
  • development of climate change adaption policy, including an imapact scenario for 2050-2100;
  • measure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including high energy saving technologies in buildings and the use of renewable energy technologies;
  • improved capacity on climate change research;
  • improved public knowledge and awareness about climate change.
  • in order to ensure the reaching of the Programme result, the two pre-defined projects, one call for proposal and one small grant scheme will be implemented in the framework of the Programme.

The Programme shall be implemented by way of:

1. open Call
2. Small Grant Scheme
3. Pre-defined projects

The following two pre-defined projects will be implemented in the framework of the Programme:

1.  “Development of the National System for Greenhouse gas inventory and evaluation and reporting on policies, measures and projections”

2.  “Development of proposal for National Adaption Strategy, including identification of scientific data, measures for adapting to changing climate, impact and cost evaluation”

Total funding of EUR 11 205 405 where EUR 10 365 000 is European Economic Area Financial Mechanism (NFM) funding and EUR 840 405 is the co-financing of Latvian State.

Programme’s target groups will be state institutions, local governments, scientific and research institutions, universities, private enterprises and NGOs.

Donor State Programme Partner: The Norwegian Environment Agency and Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection

On the 20 December 2012 the Norwegian Ministry’s of Foreign Affairs approved programme LV 02 “National Climate Policy”.

More detailed information are available at National Focal Point:, and Financial Mechanism Office: web sites.


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Development Instruments Department
Head of National and Foreign Support Instruments Units
Solvita Ciganska
+371 67026547

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