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Climate change effects on the Baltic Sea

Coastal waters in Latvia attract many people, from tourists in the hot summer season to scientists and amber searchers, but it is important to remember that increased activity near the coastal waters can lead up to serious problems in terms of water quality and ecology.


Health of Latvian Lakes

Project’s “Enhancing Society’s Understanding about Climate Change Effects on Lakes in Latvia” promoter Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES) is a scientific organization which combines Latvian and foreign scientists, practitioners and the modern technology opportunities to do scientific research and develop solutions for a sustainable use of natural resources and the enhancement of environment quality.


Environment policy and entrepreneurship

Project’s “"Promoting sustainable environmental management policies for the SME sector"” promoter “Demarsch” Ltd. from 2006 till 2014 has organized 250 training courses and developed 150 educational materials for various professional audiences, for example in the field of energy, transport, construction, production and science.


Climate change in Latvia- an opportunity and a challenge?

Globally climate change is being created by industries like transportation, manufacturing and agriculture, therefore most of the changes for mitigating climate change must be made in these industries by promoting their development in a nature friendly way. But it is important to remember, that each of these industries produce goods for our own consumption, this means that it is also crucial to promote choices in favour of nature friendly lifestyle.


Investment in “Kurzeme Demo Centre” development

Project Promoter “Ventspils High Technology Park” is a foundation with the goal to promote educational programs and science capacity development. Since 2012 the museum “Kurzeme Demo centre” is operating inside Ventspils High Technology Park. Museum’s goal is to educate its visitors about technologies that are created in Latvia, as well as, with the help of different interactive displays and workgroups increase the awareness of kids about climate change.


Development of e-mobility

Many people use different transportation vehicles in their everyday lives, but the most of these vehicles run on fossil fuel, which pollute the environment, but even more importantly, these vehicles pollute the air we breathe. In order to preserve the health of Latvian people, it is important to reduce the air pollution in cities where thousands of people spend most of their time.


Development of training course and study program module about sustainable and efficient use of biological resources

Latvia is rich with renewable energy sources. Often our own resources are left behind, because many people think that it is easier to use imported, already processed and prepared resources, and to export our own resources. In order to make Latvia more independent and greener, we have to start using our own resources more efficiently and reducing our dependence on imported resources, but before that, it is important to educate people about how rich Latvia really is.


Does Climate change affect rural areas?

Latvian rural areas are one of our prized jewels. Rural areas supply us with everything we need, from food to clothing. Taking into consideration that the effects of climate change in Latvia continue to advance and the climate is changing rapidly, fears emerge about Latvia’s rural area sustainability.


Innovative technology development for syngas extraction

Climate change affects all of us and that is why we all together have to fight against climate change. One of the ways to mitigate the effect of climate change on our ecosystem is to evaluate our energy resources and enhance energy consumption habits.


Adazi Free Waldorf School’s energy efficient sports hall

The organization "Private Secondary School ĀBVS" was established in 1994. It is an educational institution which uses R.Steinards teaching methods. The Project “Adazi Free Waldorf School Gyms Construction” is an important part for qualitative education as well as, for environmental improvement and climate change mitigation in Latvia.

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