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Green public procurement and environmentally friendly constructing will be promoted
25.09.2008 Information was prepared by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development

On September 25, in the meeting of the Secretaries of the State, information message prepared by the Ministry of the Environment “Recommendations on Green Public Procurement Promotion among the State Institutions and Municipalities and Recommendations on Environmentally Friendly Constructing” was announced.

Recommendations are drafted in order to motivate and educate procurement specialists in the field of green public procurement and provide information and knowledge on public procurement as an instrument to promote spreading of environmentally friendly products and services.

Recent EC research showed that the green procurement in Latvia is not popular – only 20% of all procurement’s documentation has environmental issues included. The research also indicates that the success of the green public procurement in the European Union states is mainly based on strong political support, state level programme of action and guidelines, as well as wide informed society.

„Recommendations on Green Public Procurement Promotion in the State Institutions and Municipalities” consist of 3 independent chapters – the strategies of green procurement implementation, regulations of procurement and environmental criteria for six groups of products and services (office paper, cleaning products and services, office supplies, motor transport, office furniture, food and public catering.)

„Recommendations on Environmentally Friendly Constructing” drafted by the ministries of Environment, Economics and Agriculture together with external experts include useful suggestions for construction procurements – for products as well as services. This document gives advices on designing, construction, exploitation and dismantling of constructions with environment criteria incorporated in each of these stages.

Both recommendations include seven groups of products and services, providing „user ready” two level environmental criteria for public procurement. Main criteria include the most essential influence on environment and can be implemented with minimum conformity assessment and little rise in costs. Expanded criteria are for customers who try to procure maximum environmentally friendly products and implementation of these criteria need additional administrative procedures and extra costs.


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