e-Government is the effective implementation of state and municipal administration by using information and communication technologies (ICT).

Nowadays ICT become increasingly important for the state and municipal institutions, creating opportunities to automate many manual operations. ICT have an important role in both improvement of services as well as internal and inter-institutional cooperation processes promoting availability and quality of services, facilitating administrative processes for people and entrepreneurs, as well as information availability. In order to improve services for people and entrepreneurs as well as provide the participation in decision making process, additionally to presence services more and more opportunities are created to claim for and receive services electronically.

The electronic environment requires identification and assurance that services are being provided for the proper person, accordingly – an electronic identity is being required. In a communication process between an institution and a person information can be exchanged not only by using paper documents, but also electronically – by using electronic documents. In order to identify the signatory of an electronic document and to protect the content of the document against unauthorised changes after person signs the document, a secure electronic signature is being used.

There is a centralised SIS Integrator (standardized interoperability platform based on open standards) created in Latvia. Considering that SIS store the information, which contains personal data or other classified information, one of the most important instruments for the institutions is a security of the State Information Systems. State Information Systems are registered in the State Information Register. To encourage the development of an Information Society, everyone needs to acquire knowledge to use established electronic-solutions. It is therefore essential to acquire e-Skills and to know what kind of e-Options (in LV) are available for citizens and what – for enterpreses.

Document printed from home page of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of Latvia 22.10.2018