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The State Environmental Service (VVD), in accordance with the Packaging Law, has chosen an operator who will be responsible for the introduction of the beverage packaging deposit system in Latvia. The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development will follow closely the implementation of the system – the establishment of a deposit system is a historically important event in reducing environmental compliance, which will facilitate the sorting of used packaging and increase the proportion of recovered waste in the long term.

“The deposit system will not only allow citizens to be involved in the sorting of waste and reduce the environmental burden in the long term, but also to promote the circular economy and use used packaging wisely through technology,” said Environment Protection and Regional Development Minister Artūrs Toms Plešs (AP!), “in order to ensure efficient and transparent implementation of the deposit system, we'll keep track of what's happening. . The process of introducing the deposit system was not easy: discussions took place over 20 years, various studies were carried out on the needs of the system. U. The Packaging Law was eventually amended and Cabinet regulations were developed, with provision for the introduction of a deposit from 1 February 2022. The key role of the operator now is to start the success of the deposit system and to encourage and educate citizens to use the system properly."

In Latvia, like elsewhere in the world, the amount of municipal waste is growing rapidly, which can cause irreparable damage to nature. It is possible to minimise the negative impacts of waste by sorting, recycling and re-use, thereby reducing the overall level of waste U. Although sorting is becoming more accessible and popular, it is vital to urgently introduce a functioning mechanism that will not only allow but also economically motivate Latvian residents to divide the packaging used. . The deposit system is a proven market instrument for pollution reduction in a number of countries, involving both producers, traders and consumers.

In addition to environmental aspects, the development of the deposit system could lead to the creation of new jobs related to the creation of recruitment points and the development of the logistics of the deposit system.

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