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Informatīvs plakāts par pasākumu Digitālā nedēļa 2021.

In order to highlight the importance of digital skills for every citizen of Latvia, encourage them to improve and also call for the use of digital technologies and services at work and everyday, the annual informative campaign “Digital Week 2021” will take place between 22 and 26 March, where online events, discussions and other activities will take place.

“Digital Week” is part of the Europe-wide “ALL Digital Week 2021” and in Latvia, has been running for the 12 th time in a row. . The campaign is organised by the Latvian Information and Communication Technology Association (AT) in cooperation with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development and major partners – Latvian IT cluster, Microsoft Latvia, Tet, Culture Information Systems Centre and Latvian State Radio and Television centre.

“Unlike the previous years of “The Digital Week”, when we had to convince them why they needed to learn digital skills at all, this year there won't be many people questioning the huge importance of digital skills. The past year is a sign that the digital transformation of society has occurred more rapidly than expected in the past. Thanks to technological developments, this process will continue as rapidly over the next few years, so this year, in particular, we would like to call on everyone to take advantage of the opportunity and to acquire a new digital skills within a week and to share their experience, thereby engaging in the process of digitalisation of society,” stresses president Prof. Signe Bajolina.

Minister for Environmental Protection and Regional Development Artūrs Toms Plešs: "The Ministry is currently undertaking a reform of digital transformation in which public administration services are essential for development. Last year has shown the importance of accessibility of services in the digital environment, as well as the digital skills of Latvian residents and people working in the state administration. The forthcoming week is a great opportunity to look back at the current situation, find out about the digital solutions proposed and learn new skills."

This year, as part of “Digital Week 2021”, a series of binding events and discussions will take place, which will be followed by all stakeholders ON TV24 and on the Internet. Each campaign day has its own digital skills-related themes m. , 22 March – The opening days of “Digital Week 2021” – will focus on changing public habits and exploiting existing opportunities. . The second day, March 23, will be dedicated to e-services that can be received throughout their lives, but the focus of March 24 will be on digital skills that are useful to entrepreneurs. s. On the fourth day of the event – 25 March – special attention will be paid to the person's digital identity and cyber security. The closing day of “digital week 2021” – March 26 – will be dedicated to a career in the ICT sector.

In addition to the central events, the campaign partners organise online multiplicity of events, which will take place in all regions of Latvia – schools and libraries, non-governmental organisations, municipalities and businesses – which enrich the “Digital Week”. Each lead will also have the opportunity to test his digital skills in self-assessment tests and contests.

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This year 183 regional coordinators – municipalities, city and municipal authorities, libraries, schools and non-governmental organisations, as well as over 30 national partners – ICT companies, ministries and state organisations – have been involved in organizing “Digital Week” in Latvia. over the course of the 12 years, more than 5500 events have taken place under the “Digital Week”, bringing together more than 350 000 inhabitants of Latvia.

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