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Latvia convincingly maintains positions in the fourth place as the country with the highest maturity in e-government, concludes the European Commission's annual e-government Benchmark study, which evaluates the progress of European Union Member States in e-government development, using eight life situations to demonstrate the maturity of public services in Europe.

The process of digital transformation has been evaluated successfully in Latvia, among 36 countries Latvia's performance has been assessed as the fourth-best European competition with fast-growing digital services offers in a joint assessment with an increase in the number of users. . Top 5 consists of: Malta, Estonia, Austria, Latvia and Danij a. The results of the study show that 78% of institutional services are fully available online in Latvia, which means an increase of 10% over two years.

“Environment Protection and Regional Development Minister Juris Pūce (AP!): “We are pleased that, in the European Commission's study, the development of the digital management of Latvia is convinced to maintain a fourth position among the most developed countries in the field of e-government. In Latvia, e-services activities increased during the emergency, as well as the flow of electronically signed documents increased, providing citizens and entrepreneurs with access to services at any time and place. Similarly, a more convenient day-to-day e-address is provided to both private and legal persons, which makes it possible to communicate digitally with public and local authorities. . Our achievements in the digital direction have become a good example in the European Union m. Together with the rest of the Baltic States, in October, in the informal Council of Ministers in Baden-Baden, we are called upon to provide a joint message on the progress made towards digital transformation. "

The eGovernment study analyses eight life situations where each event represents the most frequently used public administration services of a private individual or a legal person. . In a study this year in two life situations – in business, in the beginning of small claims – Latvia has obtained a maximum score for skait U. Similarly, compared to the previous year, there have been significant developments in life situations such as resettlement, small claims, business, family support services and higher education. This means that service users assess the usability and transparency of services covered by improved life situations. . In the portal, people can learn more about the services they receive.

National developments in priority areas shall be measured using one or more indicators in four measurements: usability, transparency, the use of e-tools and cross-border accessibility. Overall, Latvia's performance is above the European average. . The study also concludes that the challenge for Latvia's future is to improve citizens' digital skills, to promote the security and quality of ICT services, and to further develop the digital transformation of the private sector.

In planning the development of innovative user-friendly services in the future, WE CAN put in place a Service Environment Development Plan for 2019-2023. . The operational lines of the plan are focused on the management of the service system, user-oriented and proactive national processes and services, and on citizens' communication with the country, and on the development of digital skills. U. Similarly, the Ministry is currently working on the implementation of the Digital Single Gateway, which will strengthen cross-border access to services.

The e-government study you can see here.

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