The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development has developed recommendations for safe handling of municipal waste for residents in order to provide additional precautions and minimise risks to the further distribution of Covid-19 in Latvia, ensuring environmental protection and a safe waste management service for both households and businesses providing it.

In the event of an emergency, the responsible handling of household waste by citizens is essential. In order to prevent the spread of the virus, special additional precautions should be taken. In households subject to quarantine, waste also consisting of personal protective equipment (gloves, masks) must be placed in a double bag or two blindfolded bags. This bag must be placed in a container for unsorted waste. It must under no circumstances be left adjacent to the container or placed in a separate collection container. Hands should be carefully treated with disinfectants after waste disposal.

Unsorted waste shall be disposed of in accordance with the timetable of the concluded waste management contract.

As has been done so far, sorting of waste offered in separate collection containers and points, as well as in waste-shared collection areas, has also been ensured. It is recalled that only recyclable materials referred to in the conteiner may be discarded in separate collection containers. Disposable napkins, paper towels, packages, pampers must not be discarded; they must not contain a container of unsorted waste. . On the other hand, bottles of bottles and jars, paper, paperboard, polymers, PET bottles and meatballs can be transferred to the separate collection areas. U. The acceptance of large-scale, green waste and construction waste shall be ensured in accordance with the procedures specified by the local government or waste manager. When delivering sorted waste to separate collection areas, a two-metre distance from the area manager and other visitors must be observed.

Ministry call on citizens to follow the instructions responsibly and to have good health.

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