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VARAM podkāsts

“VARAM vai nevaram" (meaning Can we or can we not) – The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development (“CAN”) applies a new form of communication with the public - podcasts or raidscript, which will be available for the first time to the audience tomorrow, March 26, at .14 .00 on a number of internet platforms.

Taking advantage of today's digital advantages, the Ministry is launching a new communication project – podcasts or raidieraksts – by offering the Latvian public an additional information reference channel. . Once up to twice a month, audiences will have the opportunity to learn more about the environmental, natural, climate, regional development and digital developments of the country in audio format.

“Information and clarifying the issues at issue at the Ministry is a very important task for the institution, particularly given that WE CAN work on multi-faceted issues that affect different groups of society. . We have therefore come up with a new communication channel, which I think is very suitable for the Ministry responsible for the digital sector. I. “The technology era offers us a variety of opportunities, while our job is to use them,” said Jana Jentkus, head of The public relations department.

In view of the many competencies of the Ministry, the draft text will be an opportunity to explain the topical issues in the form of a conversation to discuss them and to raise public awareness of the work of the Ministry and the policies implemented. . Podcasts will also make it possible to address the younger part of society by promoting civic participation.

In the first ministerial podcast for the last 100 days, Minister Artūrs Toms Plešs  will hear to the audience, giving an insight into the work he has done and what he intends to do. In future, interviews and discussions with ministry officials, experts and other guests will be held on the topics under the supervision of the Ministry.

Raidwrite will be available on Spotify, Youtube and Soundcloud platforms called “VARAM vai nevaram?”. All episodes will also be available on the Ministry's homepage With time, the ministry's raiderwriting is also scheduled to be published on other popular podcasts platforms.

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Ministry for Environmental Protection and Regional Development
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