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Zaļa atkritumu tvertne

Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of Republic of Latvia together with 21 partners has initiated the LIFE integrated project by the European Union “Waste as a Resource in Latvia - Promotion of Regional Sustainability and Cycle by Implementing the Concept of Using Waste as a Resource” (LIFE Waste To Resources IP). The Project is implemented with the financial support of Programme for Environment and Climate Action LIFE and State Regional Development Agency.

The common goal of the Project LIFE Waste to Resources IP is to successfully reduce waste, which improves regeneration of materials and circulation and reduce the environmental and carbon footprint of the economy by thoroughly implementing the measures set out in the 2021-2028 Waste Management Plan.

According to the EU Regulations, one of the most important objectives is the reduction of landfilled waste by 10% from the total amount produced by municipal waste by the year of 2035. To reduce waste and ensure a more efficient management, as well as to reduce the amount of landfilled waste, it is necessary to implement the operational principles of circular economy and retrieve materials from the waste stream.

The Project LIFE Waste to Resources IP will be implemented by 31 December 2028 and will cover the whole territory of Latvia, promoting the implementation of principles of the circular economy and the concept of waste as a resource.

To improve the planning of waste management and fully adhere to the tasks set out in the National Waste Management Plan, the Organizations involved in the project shall implement measures in 4 thematic blocks: 1) moving from waste to resources; 2) better product cycles and product design; 3) strengthening regional sustainability and waste and materials management; 4) sustainable consumption and social innovations.

The main expected results of the project are as follows:

  • development of 2 modern plots for sorted waste collection;
  • development and demonstration of separate collection and management system for biological waste;
  • development and demonstration of textile collection system; 
  • development of optimal model for “Pay as you dispose” principle; 
  • development and pilot project for recyclable building material circulation system;
  • pilot projects and demonstration of waste resource circulation;  
  • pilot projects for improvement of waste sorting and recycling;
  • development of symbiosis platform for production waste;  
  • development and demonstration of up-cycling, reuse and repair system;
  • ensure regional sustainability and material circulation - development of circular economy roadmap;
  • initiatives and methodologies for waste prevention and the circular economy;
  • development and implementation of project replication and portability strategy;
  • comprehensive information, education and awareness-raising activities.  

The total budget of LIFE Waste to Resources IP is 15 245 351 EUR and it is implemented by Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development in cooperation with the  State Environment Service, State Construction Control Bureau of Latvia, Latvian Association of Waste Management Companies, Latvian Association of Waste Management, Partnership of Latvian Constructors, association “CleanTech Latvia", association “Zero Waste Latvia", association “Green Liberty", association “Baltic Coasts", foundation “Foundation for Environmental Education", Riga Technical University, Cēsis Municipality, SIA «ZAAO», SIA «Vidusdaugavas SPAAO», SIA «Clean R», SIA «Ecobaltia Vide», AS «Latvijas Zaļais punkts», SIA «Zaļā josta», SIA «Hyrogas», SIA «Druplat» un SIA «Econova Latvia».