EEA and NFM Press release

On 7 August 2018, the Cabinet meeting examined the draft Cabinet Order prepared by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, entitled “On the project of the “Climate Change Reduction, Adaptation and Environment” programme co-financed by the Norwegian Finance Instrument”, which provides measures to mitigate climate change and support for the rehabilitation of historically polluted sites.

Climate change is one of the challenges affecting economic and social development in Europe and Latvia, affecting the sustainability of society, the potential for economic growth, the state of ecosystems, and quality of life.

Within the framework of the programme, it is planned to implement two projects identified above and to organise an open competition. . The previously identified projects will be implemented BY THE Ministry of Latvia and Norway. s. Project activities will strengthen climate policy, adapt sectoral policies to make other sectors better informed and responsible for their GHG emissions and CO2 capture, as well as to be aware of the impacts of climate change and to reduce the risks posed by climate change. . Climate-related soil information, database and maps will also be improved, sustainable soil management will be promoted, as well as high-quality information on emissions estimates I. In the framework of the open project competition, at least 3 projects are to be supported, aimed at rehabilitation of historically contaminated sites, by reducing the risks to the environment and human health of contaminated sites.

By Order No. of the Cabinet of Ministers of 8 August 2018 .368 “on the draft concept of the “Climate Change Reduction, Adaptation and Environment” programme co-financed by the Norwegian Financial Instrument” supported the follow-up of the programme to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. WE HAVE the authority responsible for implementing the programme. The implementation of the projects is scheduled to start in the 2 nd half of 2019.

Period of implementation of the programme from 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2024. . Total funding of the programme: EUR 16 470 588, of which 85% or EUR 14 000 000 of the Norwegian financial instrument and the co-financing of the Latvian State budget 15% or EUR 2 470 588.

The draft programme concept supported by the Cabinet, including the previously specified project and the description of the public tender, the objectives of the programme and the results to be achieved, may be consulted here: