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The Roadmap for MR DIGITAL outlines the political priorities for the Nordic-Baltic cooperation on digitalisation within MR DIGITAL for the period 2025–2030, building on the existing cooperation and based on our common values. The point of departure is the Vision of the Nordic Council of Ministers for the Nordic region to become the most sustainable and integrated in the world by 2030.

The Nordic-Baltic collaboration within MR DIGITAL is outlined by our region’s joint opportunities and challenges. The Roadmap aims to highlight areas for cooperation with clear Nordic-Baltic added value, outlining three overarching strategic goals:  1) Realising the digital green transition 2) Security, connectivity, and a digitally integrated region 3) A secure, inclusive, and human-centric digital transformation to ensure resilient societies.

With this Roadmap, in close collaboration with other ministerial councils, MR DIGITAL will contribute to a public sector that meets the needs of both people and businesses across the region now and in the future, promote regional mobility and connectivity, enhance digital skills and competencies and responsible use of digital technologies as well as taking the lead in realising the twin digital and green transition and sustainable growth.  

MR DIGITAL will cooperate on agreed European standards, infrastructure, data sharing, data spaces and interoperability, as well as connectivity in alignment with relevant European Union initiatives and legislation. 

The Nordic-Baltic countries can lead the way on digital transformation in the EU and globally, showing that digital technologies and data can be used and shared in a fair, open, secure, responsible, and democratic way.  By working together, the Nordic-Baltic voice in global fora can be strengthened, to influence the policies and guidelines coming out of these making sure they are in line with our values and existing structures.

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