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Ministrijas vadība

Since September 2023 Inga Bērziņa is the Minister of Environmental Protection and Regional Development.

Inga Bērziņa has been elected to the 14th Saeima and had been the Chairperson of the Social and Employment Matters Committee. She has many years of experience in local government as the Mayor of the city of Kuldīga. Also, the Minister has held the position of Deputy Chairwoman of the Board of the Association of Regional Development Centers, Board Member of the Latvian Association of Municipalities. She has also been a Member of the Latvian delegation to the Committee of the Regions of the European Union and a freelance adviser to Prime Minister on regional development issues.

Inga Bērziņa is the Chairwoman of the Board of the party "Kuldīga novads" and a Member of the Board of the party union "Jaunā Vienotība".

I. Bērziņa received a master’s degree in Geography from the University of Latvia.