Riga, 22 September 2020 - Minister for Environmental Protection and Regional Development, within the framework of the economic support plan directed by Juris Pūce, the Ministry has submitted a draft order to the Cabinet (BOM) entitled “On the assisted municipal investment projects for the construction of a new pre-school education institution or for the extension of an existing pre-school education institution to which the State budget loan is to be granted. It provides for the possibility of implementing second-round investment projects for the construction of new pre-primary education institutions, creating 368 places in municipal kindergardens in addition to projects already supported.

Minister Juris Pūce: “We continue to support local government investment projects for the construction or expansion of new nursery schools. . Together with the investment projects carried out under the economic support plan, we will have managed to substantially reduce the line to municipal nursery schools by providing 2565 children in the gardens in Latvia. This means that at least so many families will be relieved everyday and parents will be able to return to the labour market. I can only commend the local governments that have submitted project applications to the Ministry and I see that this support programme should be implemented next year, so that we jointly make it possible for each child in Latvia to have access to kindergarten in their local government. "

The draft order includes two investment projects which will require a loan of EUR 4 356 000 from the general government budget. Projects will be carried out in the county of Oblin and in the county of Salaspils, will provide sites for 368 children in municipal nursery schools, with total project costs of EUR 8 164 883. Project applications could be submitted by 17 August 2020 by municipalities with a row of more than 100 children per kindergarten.

Given the scarcity of places in pre-primary schools: in line with municipal nursery schools, more than 10 000 children and municipalities have a strong interest in receiving loans for the construction of new pre-primary schools or for the extension of existing pre-primary schools, municipalities were given the opportunity to apply for State loans for the implementation of such investment projects. . According to BOM rules N R. 178 “Procedures for the Evaluation of Local Government Investment Projects to Receive State Budget Borrows for Construction of a New Pre-School Educational Institution or Expansion of an Existing Existing Existing Existing an Existing Existing Pre-School Educational Institution” COULD have carried out the first round of project applications, in which 15 projects from 11 municipalities were supported in the BOM on 2 June 2020.

In total, the total cost of the 17 supported investment projects is planned at EUR 49 840 373.86, of which EUR 24 896 707.11 is a government loan (EUR 8.7 million in 2020). . EUR, 2021 – 16 mil J. EUR 128 850 in 2022. It is planned that the investments will result in the creation of 2 565 new sites in 13 Latvian municipalities with important lines of nursery schools – in Liepāja, Ventspils, Tukuma municipality, Jurmala, Jelgava, Oblins municipality, Marupe municipality, Scrossins municipality, Salaspils municipality, Kekava municipality, in Adage municipality and Sigulda municipality, as well as in Riga.

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