COVID-19 Municipalities Press release

Riga, 22 April 2020 - In order to raise awareness of local governments about the possibilities of remote work and the rule of law of decisions taken during remote council meetings, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development organizes an online seminar (vebinar) in which practical recommendations will be made for the organisation of remote work, as well as informing the possibility of obtaining an electronic signature. The vebinar will happen here. g. On April 23, online with the Microsoft Teams environment.

In the context of the national emergency and the increase in the number of COVID-19 infected, the continued work of the municipality is essential, while protecting its employees as well as the public from the risk of infection. This is why the Ministry already has this. g. On 24 March, a letter was sent to all municipalities with information on the legal and technical capabilities of ensuring the remote development of the City Council and committees. In addition, the Ministry has developed and published on the homepage methodological guidelines for organising remote meetings and conferences in State and local government institutions, taking into account technical provision of institutions, office software and possible institutional differences in the selection of applications.

In surveying local governments with a view to clarifying how many local governments have used the possibility of organising council meetings remotely and whether they have experienced any difficulties in this process, the Ministry has concluded that additional informative support needs to be organised. . The Ministry also receives complaints from several members of local governments regarding the organisation of work to date in local governments during the emergency, so the Ministry wishes to reach a common understanding of the organisation of remote council meetings, providing information and consulting on the possibilities for decision-making in relation to regulatory enactments and security aspects, as well as on the holding of parliamentary votes. Representatives of the vebinar Ministry will explain how to organise remote council meetings for local governments and provide information on how to take council decisions during an emergency situation in conformity with the requirements specified in regulatory enactments m. Similarly, a representative of the State stock company Latvijas Valsts Radio and Television Centre will inform about the possibilities for deputies of the City Council to obtain an electronic signature for the performance of remote work. The vebinar will happen here. g. 23 April 12.00 in the Microsoft Teams environment. Access to wellness will be possible in both the Microsoft Teams app and the Internet browser.

The Ministry has sent an invitation to participate in the workshop to all municipalities. Therefore, local authorities should be interested in applying for a workshop in their local government.

The Ministry calls on local governments to take advantage of the current situation, which dictates the need for institutions to make changes to work organisation processes and culture, as well as the development of a long-term investment work organisation, thereby creating more efficient and flexible State administration work in general.

If media representatives have an interest in attending a workshop, they may apply for it by e-mail until 22 April 16 .00.

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