Press Information

On November 8, 2022, the Cabinet of Ministers supported the informative report prepared by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development (MoEPRD) about the restoration and reconstruction of the state's regional and local highways in the amount of 210 km. It will be covered by the funding of the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) in the amount of 92,300,000 euros. It is a part of the total amount of investments which is 300,000,000 euros, which is invested in the arrangement of national highways in order to ensure the mobility of citizens for better accessibility of administrative centers in municipalities, improving access to workplaces, educational, health, cultural, social and other services provided by the state and municipalities after the administrative territorial reform. 

State budget investments of 91.9 million euro have been made so far for the restoration and reconstruction of sections of state's regional and local highways, with a total length of 478 km, incl. 75.44 km in length are attributable to the RRF funding in 2022.  

It is planned to restore roads with the help of RRF funding in the following years - until the end of 2024.