Riga, January 25, 2021 – The Minister for Environmental Protection and Regional Development Artūrs Toms Plešs (AP!) and the management of the Latvian Film Service Producers Association have signed a memorandum of cooperation. 

The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development HAS identified the work on combating climate change as one of the priorities of the agenda, knowing that climate change will inevitably affect all sectors. . This is why WE CAN start cooperation with the film industry in Latvia, supporting its progress towards climate neutrality and climate-sustainability, which includes measures in the fields of energy efficiency, sustainable energy, green and smart technologies, and environmentally friendly transport, as well as informing and educating the public. The intention is to boost the growth of the film sector and increase export capacity, taking into account the growing interest in the availability of environmentally friendly solutions from foreign film producers m. The availability of climate-friendly film service services can form an important part of the industry in the economy and boost Latvia's visibility internationally.

Minister Artur Toms Plešs (AP!): “Tackling climate issues, together with the objectives of the European Union towards climate neutrality, leads to the conclusion that the introduction of environmentally friendly solutions will be a necessity in every sector, including the cinema sector, where this is already a matter of concern. . Together with representatives of the film industry, we have seen the advantages of successfully redeploying the environmentally friendly service in Latvia, thus becoming the hotline for climate neutral service. The memorandum, signed jointly by us, is a proof of close cooperation with the film industry and a first step towards change."

The two sides have agreed on decisive action to move the cinema and film industry towards achieving climate neutrality and promoting climate resilience, taking into account the specificities and opportunities of the industry. It is also planned to identify solutions and measures in the field of comprehensive energy efficiency, sustainable energy, green and smart technologies, resource efficiency and environmentally friendly transport. The implementation of the measures also involves modernising existing infrastructure or creating new infrastructure, taking into account the requirements and conditions of sustainable construction and green public procurement.

VARAM undertake an assessment by identifying aspects of the introduction of climate neutral film service services in Latvia, including by assessing the extent of potential reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and the cost-effectiveness of measures. “Latvian Film Service Producers Association”, by signing the Memorandum, commits to introduce sustainable, climate-resilient and climate-neutrality-oriented solutions, such as changing mobility habits and increasing the use of resource-efficient and environmentally friendly vehicle types in the film service sector, providing consultative support for infrastructure renewal or construction, including good equipment of the territory.

It is also planned to organise awareness-raising and awareness-raising activities to ensure the awareness and interest of every citizen towards climate neutrality. The Memorandum was concluded pursuant to the Paris Agreement of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change of 12 December 2015, which provides for global action to tackle climate change and binding climate change targets.

Information prepared by:
Public Relations Department
Ministry for Environmental Protection and Regional Development
20200305; 67026533,
e-mail: prese@varam.gov.lv