Autoceļš remontdarbu stadijā

Yesterday, December 8, the Cabinet of Ministers allocated EUR 27000 of the total EUR 300 000 000 000 000 000 investment programme for road development in order to ensure a better reach for new municipalities within the framework of the administrative reform (ATR).

Artur Toms Pleesh, Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry for Environmental Protection and Regional Development: “In the context of the administratively territorial reform to ensure convenient and sustainable mobility of citizens and the reach of municipal centres, we have identified the most important road sections that need repairs or reconstructions. .2019, when the reform was launched, the government agreed that the network of roads such as regional roads would be one of the priorities. s. We've prepared 300 million € Investment Programme for Road Development, the implementation of which has focused on the planned three-year process of sorting out major road sections for municipalities. We have already reached 21 million this year. EUR 27 million euro for next year."

On 5 November 2019, the BOM approved AN information report entitled “On an investment programme for road development in the context of administratively territorial reform”, which envisaged the preparation of an aid programme, taking into account both the state of the road and the traffic intensity and its importance for the reach of the new municipal administrative centres. VARAM, in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport (MoU), prepared a proposal for a priority national budgetary measure for 2021, 2022 and 2023, but in the light of the new budget instrument of the European Union (EU), the Recovery and Stability Mechanism, which includes funding investment in EU priorities such as tackling inequalities, is intended to include an investment programme for road development and funding mainly from this EU budget instrument, where active work is still ongoing.

In identifying the regional and local stages of the country to be re-constructed and renewable, VARAM co-operate with the MOU, the Latvian National Roads (LVC) and the planning regions. . In general, it is planned to restore up to 900 km of motorways that have priority for the implementation of ATR: 183.29 km in the planning region of Riga, 159.50 km in the Zemgale planning region, 137.18 km in the Kurzeme planning region, 235.04 km in Latgale planning region, 162.98 km in the Vidzeme planning region.

Yesterday, at its meeting on 8 December 2020, the MK decided to launch this year a procurement procedure for road renewal in 2021 for a total amount of €100 million, with 27 million of that amount to be allocated to the adjustment of roads under the plan for administratively territorial reform. .

Information was prepared by
Agnese Vārpiņa 
Minister's Councillor for Communications and Public Relations
Ministry for Environmental Protection and Regional Development
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