Nature protection Funds and investments
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Riga, January 12, 2021 - The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development will implement the LIFE Integrated Project “Optimising the Management and Management of Natura 2000 Proteced Areas” (LIFE-IP LatViaNature *) with the Nature Conservation Board. The aim of the project is to improve the natural protection system in Latvia.

The project's managing partner is the body responsible for implementing biodiversity policy - the Natural Protection Board. 'LIFE-IP LatViaNature is the most ambitious project yet in the field of nature protection in Latvi a. “Preserving natural values and restoring habitats is an essential contribution to the provision of ecosystem services, which is the basis not only for the development of a sustainable economy but for the existence of a high quality living environment and a healthy society,” stresses Andrejs Svilans, Director-General of the Natural Protection Authority.

Together with other partner institutions, VARAM be involved in the review of the planning approach for specific protected nature sites, as well as as in the development of the Natura 2000 site network in Latvia. . On the other hand, the project aims to create specific support mechanisms to promote the conservation of biodiversity in private lands, including the development of an effective national compensation model.