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Any person
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Receiving restrictions

Population Submissions, Complaints and Proposals in environmental protection, regional development planning and coordination, community development and monitoring, territorial development planning and land management, one-stop shop principle of State and self-government service availability, as well as e-government, Information society and information technology in the field of public administration

Process description

  1. Application submission
    A person shall prepare a submission (or a proposal, the number of complaints, etc.) in free form and submit it to the ministry in person, shall be sent by mail, e-mail (including signed with secure electronic signature), the portal

  2. Application processing
    Submission is registered and redirected to a specialist in accordance with the competence thereof. Responsible specialist shall evaluate the submission and prepare applicants answer (if necessary).

  3. The response
    The applicant is provided in the form of his choice - via mail, e-mail (the view has been signed with secure electronic signature) and personally.